Zara’s Over-The-Top Modeling Poses Form The Fabric Of Internet Mockery1 min read

Images via Zara

Zara models are a category of their own. They don’t settle for boring, stand-tall-and-look-pretty poses—they’re more partial to the stuck-in-an-existential-crisis aesthetic.

The fashion retailer’s oddball creative directions for its models was recently pointed out by Twitter user ‘melissaar’. In a picture tweeted by her, a woman is seen donning a camel coat back-to-front with her arms extended outwards.

Following her tweet, other social media users have started sharing pictures of equally extra stances found on the Zara website.

There are many ways to wear an article of clothing, but Zara has some crazy ideas.

Check out some really interesting photos from the website below—you may or many not want to copy these for your next Instagram post.

[via TODAY Style, images via Zara]