Zac Efron’s New Hairstyle Literally Takes Inspiration From A Panini1 min read

Images via Featureflash Photo Agency / and Shutterstock

Zac Efron stars in upcoming comedy movie The Beach Bum, which hits theaters on 29 March. That hair, dough.

According to Laura Leibowitz, copy editor at The New Yorker, Efron’s hairstyle in the film is literally inspired by a panini. Yes, the pressed sandwich with signature grill marks.

Leibowitz cited Harmony Korine, director of The Beach Bum, who was present at a question-and-answer column at the South by Southwest conference this week.

Following the revelation, Efron’s haircut has been, for lack of better word, grilled to a golden crisp by social media users.

“Definitely looks like a pressed sandwich,” remarks artist Eric Kwun.

The best response might come from the great Panera Bread itself, which declares, “If you really wanted a panini, you could’ve just asked.”

[via Delish, images via various sources]