‘Year Of Colour’ Visualizes The Hues That Dominated Your 2018 Instagram Posts1 min read

Image via Year Of Colour

If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram in the past week, you’re likely to have seen those collages containing users’ “top nine” posts from 2018. Why not share something new for a change?

As a side project, Stef Lewandowski—a London-based technologist, designer, and founder of creative education platform Makelight—has launched a visualization tool that culls the colors that dominated your Instagram posts in the past month, year, or a particular date.

Called ‘Year Of Colour’, the tool picks out your top 100 posts, whittles them down to between six and nine colors each, and then generates a “bubble” of dots of different sizes. The greater the size of a dot, the more popular the post it represents.

“I thought it would be interesting to make a shareable visualization of your Instagram images throughout the year, starting with the question: is there a correlation between the colours you use in your images and how much they are liked by your followers?” Lewandowski said.

You can also adjust your report to depict the more vibrant colors of your year, for instance, as well as watch an animation of how your 2018 played out through color. Check out some samples below and see your ‘Year Of Colour’ review here.

[via Product Hunt, images via Year Of Colour]