Woman’s Unauthorized Photo Of ‘Fine As S**t’ Doctor Gets Criticized As Sexist2 min read

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A woman found herself embroiled in a dispute on sexism and privacy after uploading an image of her doctor without his consent.

Twitter user @purplegodesss shared the now-deleted image of her dermatologist, calling him “fine as s***t.” The photo gained traction among social media users, who also described the doctor as “yummy” and “fine as hell.”

However, others walked in the shoes of the doctor, describing that it would have been a whole other story if the subject was female instead. A response by @Kolamide went viral on subreddit ‘/r/MurderedByWords’ as he labeled the toxic act as “purely distasteful” and “beyond bigotry.”

Aside from the image, the original uploader also decided to share a photo of the dermatologist’s business card, which contained his name and contact details. The post received over a million impressions on Twitter.

As the photo had gone viral, Bored Panda reached out to the man, Dr Imran Aslam, on his take on the whole incident. A self-identified low-key individual, Aslam said he was taken aback from the attention.

The dermatologist first got hold of the tweet when he received texts from friends telling him that he was trending on Twitter. After simmering down, he found the “whole situation pretty funny,” and stated that he was fine with the internet fawning over his good looks.

In response to the issue on sexual harassment, Aslam explained that although this could be construed as sexual harassment, he did not feel like a victim due to “male privilege.” He also understood how this could be a double standard issue, especially in light of the #MeToo movement. If the tables were turned on the opposite gender, it could have caused a greater uproar.

True! (Found in r/madlads) from r/MurderedByWords

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