‘Wolverine’ Concept Art Imagines Daniel Radcliffe As Hugh Jackman’s Replacement2 min read

Images via lev radin / Shutterstock.com and 21st Century Fox

Walt Disney Co. is still in the midst of its acquisition of 21st Century Fox, leaving fans to wonder what possible reboots of well-loved films could look like. Hugh Jackman has already confirmed that he will no longer play ‘Wolverine’, and with the Disney merger still underway, it seems that the opening for the role is still up.

Previously, you saw concept art that imagined the superhero’s claws being filled in by Zac Efron. Then, the combination seemed off to many, but Efron’s recent role as serial killer Ted Bundy has probably redeemed him. A brooding Efron as ‘Wolverine’ doesn’t seem so strange, after all.

However, the limelight is now upon another childhood heartthrob, Daniel Radcliffe, who played ‘Harry Potter’ in J.K. Rowling’s magical franchise of the same name.

The idea of the 29-year-old English actor playing ‘Wolverine’ picked up after his ‘Autocomplete Interview’ with WIRED, which had him answering a popular Google Search question, “Is Daniel Radcliffe the new ‘Wolverine’?”

Radcliffe affirmed that at five-feet-four-and-a-half, he might be too short to play the character, though loyalists of the comics might insist that Jackman was too tall.

Making jest of the unexpected portrayal, concept artist BossLogic has illustrated Radcliffe as the successor to Jackman’s ‘Wolverine’.

In his rendering, the artist envisions Radcliffe’s ‘Wolverine’ with some scars on his face, insinuating that the character had scratched himself with his sharp claws.

Of course, the artwork also nods at Radcliffe’s unshakeable past life as ‘Harry Potter’, and sees the scar on the character’s forehead to be shaped like a lightning bolt.

[via We Got This Covered, images via various sources]