Witty Life Hacks To Help You Live Better1 min read

Life hacks are quirky inventions that aim to make modern living more efficient, and have become a peculiar and intriguing phenomenon in recent years. Who isn’t drawn in by the appeal to time-save in our frantic lives, when popular culture is built on the capitalistic notion that time is money? ‘A Guide To Better Being’ was created by Gebhart de Koekkoek in Japan, in collaboration with stylist Sina Braetz and fashion producer Julius Salvenmoser. Each frame depicts a differently styled scene in various locations throughout Japan, where the viewer can discern what the life hack does: mini shoe umbrellas that protect one’s feet from rain, a human-size plastic bag so as not to undress when bathing, and a double-sided toothbrush to clean the upper and lower teeth simultaneously, are just a few examples. Gebhart de Koekkoek is no stranger to using endearing humor in his oeuvre; photographing alpacas in unlikely places and jumping cats in friend’s apartments.

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