What A Beatboxer’s Vocal Chords Look Like In Action Is Utterly Extraordinary1 min read

Last year, talented beatboxer Tom Thum and laryngeal surgeon Matthew Broadhurst gave the audience at TEDxSydney an up-close-and-personal look at what Thum’s vocal chords look like while he created an array of sounds.

Thum holds the title for the most viewed TEDx video of all time for his presentation titled ‘Beatbox Brilliance’, also shown below. It was filmed in Sydney in 2013, when Thum demonstrated his talent to manipulate his vocal chords. According to Thum, there is no sound he cannot imitate.

Now, armed with a microphone and camera, Broadhurst shows you what actually happens to Thum’s vocal chords while he spits his beats.

The video was recently shared through TED’s official Facebook page, where it’s received a flurry of comments about how the footage has left viewers fascinated.

If you’ve never seen what vocal chords look like, now’s your opportunity to learn more about this amazing body organ, courtesy of one of the world’s best beatboxers.

While the entire video gives an intriguing look at the science behind this art, those tight on time can enjoy the highlight that starts at the 11:03-minute mark, when Thum beatboxes while the camera projects his vocal chords on screen.

Please be warned that the video contains graphic medical imagery and might leave some squeamish.

[via TED, main image via video screenshot]