Walmart Launches Chic Home Décor Line, Makes Modern Luxury Living Affordable1 min read

Walmart’s latest home décor collection will make your house look like a million dollars at a fraction of the price.

The retailer’s online brandMoDRN—is “created for customers who embrace a modern aesthetic.” The brand has launched three chic yet affordable collections: ‘Retro Glam’, ‘Refined Industrial’ and ‘Scandinavian Minimal’ and there are over 650 products to cater to every room in the house.

According to Walmart, the collection “features an emphasis on high-quality craftsmanship, trend-driven design, and unique furniture that was designed to meld seamlessly with your own personal style.”

MoDRN’s furniture incorporates high-end materials such as velvet and leather upholstery fabrics, marble table tops and solid wood features without the elevated price tag.

Prices for the sofas will range from US$700 to US$899 while the beds range from US$599 to US$649. Indoor and outdoor dining table and chairs start from as low as US$199 and barware will cost between US$20 to US$60.

In the ‘Retro Glam’ collection, expect to find marble tables, faux-fur throws and roe-gold décor that nod to the 60s and 70s. The ‘Refined Industrial’ is an “urban-inspired style” collection that is “edgy, yet polished pieces with rich textures.”

Lastly, the ‘Scandinavian Minimal’ incorporates a neutral color palette and geometric prints for a “minimal yet stylish” modern look. The modular furniture is “practical yet pleasing design solution that is perfect for small space living.”

You can check out the new line on,, and

[via Walmart, images via Walmart]