Wall Street firm sees regulatory approval for T-Mobile-Sprint merger by mid-20191 min read

Analysts at U.S. brokerage house Cowen appear to be bullish on the prospects of the T-Mobile-Sprint merger getting regulatory approval, according to Fierce Wireless. The securities firm expects the required approval from the FCC and DOJ to occur before the middle of next year, which dovetails with the time period that T-Mobile has said that the deal will close by.

T-Mobile’s low frequency spectrum combined with Sprint’s hoard of high-frequency spectrum was one topic that the analysts covered in a letter to clients. Both carriers combined would have a spectrum portfolio of over 300MHz, larger than the inventory belonging to Verizon and AT&T. The Cowen analysts noted that this would allow the merged wireless provider to “1) deliver data at a competitive cost per bit, 2) expand into new areas including FWBB/OTT (video) and 3) form partnerships with others who want to utilize its network including cable MVNOs.”