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With futile efforts to ban rap music in Russia, the country’s President, Vladimir Putin, suggests that perhaps a more productive measure would be for the government to manage it.

Putin spoke about the issue during a meeting of the Council for Culture and Art, saying that if it were “impossible to stop something,” an alternative approach would be “to take charge of it.”

The comment follows the cancellation of several rap music concerts in Russia, including that of popular Russian rapper Husky, whose real name is Dmitry Kuznetsov.

Husky’s December concert was scrapped after authorities in Krasnodar, a city in southern Russia, called off the event due to “extremism.” Kuznetsov was subsequently jailed for 12 days after he proceeded to perform for fans on the roof of a car.

Speaking about his concern over Russia’s rap music scene, Putin explained that rap, together with other contemporary forms of art, lay upon the three pillars of sex, drugs and protests. Of the trio, Putin revealed he was the most worried about drugs and its abuse amongst youths, adding that this paved the way towards a nation’s destruction.

The Russian leader added that profanity in rap was another cause of concern. Though he had sought a consultation about this with a linguist, who assured him that swearing was just “a part of our language,” Putin contrasted such use to the human physique, jokingly saying that similar to how people have “all sorts of body parts,” it’s not as though people “put them on display all the time.”

[via The FADER and BBC, main image via plavevski /]

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