Viral Image That ‘Debunks’ Paris Protest Fires At Arc De Triomphe Is Fake News3 min read

Image via Shutterstock

If you came across the tweeted images shown below that supposedly “debunk” the huge fires occurring at the Paris protests, it is not real.

The images, captioned with “Paris burns” and “perspective matters,” have garnered thousands of views on social media.

The side-by-side comparisons that supposedly “expose the truth” that photographers covering the Paris protests are messing with perspectives to make the “insignificant fires” look larger than they originally are, have turned out to be unreliable.

International news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) looked into the allegations and stated that the “debunked” photo comparisons are deceptive. AFP explained that while perspective matters, dates and places have to be taken into consideration as well. The side-by-side images were taken on two separate days and at different places in Paris.

The news agency posted a Twitter thread highlighting that the image shown on the left was taken on 1 December 2018 by news photographer Katerine Pierre for Hans Lucas, while the image on the right, which shows a burning scooter, was shot on 8 December 2018 by another staff photographer for French magazine LePoint.

AFP did a rundown on the two photos and found that the images were captured on two different streets near the Arc de Triomphe. Turns out, the “debunked” photos are indeed, fake news.

[via PetaPixel, opening image via Shutterstock]