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With more and more fashion and beauty retailers stepping forward to embrace diverse bodies, at least one brand has suffered the brunt of almost exclusively enlisting skinny, lanky models. Victoria’s Secret has been widely criticized for sticking to retired beauty ideals, and has been lambasted through protests and even full-fledged fashion shows.

The New York Times also reported last year that the stocks of Victoria’s Secret had plummeted by 41 percent, now that customers are demanding apparels that fit and feel better on their bodies.

Perhaps to rescue itself, Victoria’s Secret has announced its latest catwalk Angel: Hungarian model Barbara Palvin—and unlike most of its models, this winged beauty has curves with thighs that touch.

“There were times where I let my own thoughts hold me back, and it was a hard climb away from those, but my family, my team, Ed [Razek], and everyone at VS, they were always there to support me and uplift me,” the 25-year-old announced on Instagram. “I am proud to represent Hungary, and most importantly, all of you in this new chapter of my life!”

Palvin has modeled for Victoria’s Secret since 2012, but received her wings as a Victoria’s Secret Angel recently.

Internet users have commended the brand for finally “becoming incredibly irrelevant” by enlisting a model with a “healthy” appearance.

However, internet users have lamented that, at a purported 5′9″ and 120 pounds, Palvin isn’t as “size-inclusive” as expected. The criticism possibly stemmed from a viral Facebook post that claimed Palvin was the “first plus-size Victoria’s Secret Angel.”

“You’re beautiful and deserve this [recognition],” commented Instagram user ‘lexieg1994’. “I just don’t like that I saw a post about you being their first plus-size model. You do look healthier than the rest of the models… but nothing about you is plus-size. Plus-size is Ashley Graham. I hope people understand that soon. Congratulations.”

Back in November, Ed Razek—Chief Marketing Officer at L Brands, the parent company L Brands—went under fire for explaining why the lingerie brand just would not take in plus-size models. He had justified that the brand’s bra sizes only went up to 40DDD, so bigger models weren’t needed, only to apologize when shoppers took offense with the statement.

Posted by ღ superficial doll ღ on Sunday, March 17, 2019

Posted by ღ superficial doll ღ on Sunday, March 17, 2019

Posted by ღ superficial doll ღ on Sunday, March 17, 2019

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