Just in case the affordable mid-range Moto X4 wasn’t attractive enough (which it most definitely was), official Android Pie software goodies started rolling out in the US recently, followed by even more discounts on a constantly marked-down device.

B&H Photo Video is advertising sweet “last minute” savings right now, meaning that if you hurry, you can still get the Moto X4 shipped before Christmas at an almost impossible to beat price. In fact, the retailer promises to deliver the unlocked phone in “Super Black” or “Nimbus” as early as tomorrow if you order it today.
Technically, Best Buy charges 5 bucks less than B&H, but for $164.99, you don’t have to choose your carrier and activate the handset right off the bat. You can also take it to T-Mobile or a smaller prepaid operator if you want.

Speaking of prepaid service providers, the Moto X4 on sale at B&H Photo Video at the time of this writing is also bundled with a gratis Republic Wireless GSM SIM card kit. Normally worth $9.99, you can obviously choose to use that freebie… or not. It’s probably wise to take advantage of two other gifts sold alongside the X4 at no extra cost, including a TPU case and tempered glass protector from Avoda, which are separately valued at $19.99 a pop.

As for the heavily discounted phone itself, it almost needs no introduction after so many great bargains. In addition to Android Pie, the Moto X4 has a decent Snapdragon 630 processor going for it, a 5.2-inch display with a “traditional” 16:9 aspect ratio, 3GB RAM, 32 gigs of internal storage space, a snazzy all-glass design, water resistance, dual 12 + 8MP rear-facing cameras, and a 16MP selfie shooter. 

Even without taking those freebies into consideration, that’s a great list of features for just 165 bucks. Don’t forget to apply that “clip coupon” next to the phone’s price before checking out, though.

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