Trump’s Parading Of ‘Artistically Designed’ Border Wall Gets Trolled By Internet2 min read

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US president Donald Trump was close to ditching his plans for the US-Mexico border wall, as the government could face partial shutdown lest he abandoned his proposal for the funding of the structure. As of Friday, the budget for the wall has been passed by the US House of Representatives, and is heading to Senate for approval.

It’s been an understandably stressful period for Trump’s administration, but somehow POTUS has managed to keep his nerves under wraps. On Tuesday night, for instance, he found the time to wax lyrical about the wall’s supposed “design.”

“The Democrats are saying loud and clear that they do not want to build a concrete wall, but we are not building a concrete wall,” Trump tweeted. “We are building artistically designed steel slats… It will be beautiful…”

Social media users were baffled by Trump’s flex on the slats, which is, admittedly, still a rather broad description of the structure’s appearance.

They have thus shared their concepts of what the border wall might look like. Could it mirror the “artistic” framework of a fence?

The president also assured that residents would be able to “easily see through” the slats—because apparently people’s protests were not about an impending segregation, but about the opaqueness of the border.

Check out some of the internet’s most amusing responses to Trump’s touting of the wall’s design below.

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