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On Wednesday, day 12 of the US government shutdown, President Trump held a cabinet meeting to discuss the border wall, the stock market and North Korea. Perhaps having an inkling of the dramatic predicament that the nation has fallen into, he thought to set the mood by… placing a Game of Thrones-inspired poster on the table. Welcome to 2019, everyone.

Trump tweeted a meme of himself with the slogan, “Sanctions are coming”—a play on the show’s iconic saying, “Winter is coming”—in the Game of Thrones typeface back in November. Just when you thought that was the last you had seen of it, he reprised it by sharing it in printed form with those present on Wednesday.

The president stressed that, “walls work.” Given that the meeting was focused on the border wall, the poster’s message was an epic irony to viewers of Game of Thrones.

In the series, the ‘Wall’ proves to be drastically ineffective as—spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen the last season—it gets blown up by a dead dragon. The show’s wall is about 20 times taller than Trump’s proposed design, and yet it gets destroyed.

“You’d think a bunch of ‘White Walkers’ would know walls don’t work,” tweeted content strategist and public speaker Shauna Wright.

“You know nothing, Orange Snow,” joked Twitter user Jeremy Stiles.

The US government faced partial shutdown over Trump’s reluctance to sign any bill if the administration did not receive US$5.7 billion in funding to build the US-Mexico border wall. As a result of insufficient government funds, federal-backed art and cultural institutions like the Smithsonian were forced to cease operations until further notice.

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