Left and right images by Mauro Gatti and featured with permission

LA-based artist Mauro Gatti has but one rule when he illustrates, “If it doesn’t make you smile, change it.”

This definitely rings true in his ‘The Happy Broadcast’ project, where the Italian-born creative, who has worked with brands including Google, Giphy, YouTube, Disney, and Snapchat, highlights positive news from media. This includes, for example, Saltwater Brewery’s biodegradable six-pack rings that are edible by people and animals.

Gatti explains that he was compelled to use his art to spread more positivity after feeling fed up with all the negative news, which has become so familiar worldwide.

With 2018 coming to a close, what better way than to end the year on a good note; particularly through these adorable drawings that will make you smile. Follow @the_happy_broadcast on Instagram for a regular dose of good news.

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[all images by Mauro Gatti and featured with permission]

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