This Sexy Dress For Any ‘Mother Of The Bride’ Is Going Viral For Being Too Extra3 min read

An extravagant evening gown that surfaced on the internet is causing an uproar among social media users.

Twitter user Rave Sashayed first posted an image of an embellished black gown created by Bulgarian designer Tonena on Twitter with the caption, “The pure awe I experienced when I saw this was labeled ‘mother of the bride’ dress.”

The dramatic dress, which comes complete with ostrich feathers and retails for CAD$3,311 (US$2,478), has garnered more than 7,000 likes and multiple comments by Twitter users.

“That dress says I’m seducing my son-in-law and when my daughter confronts me I will chuckle scornfully,” one Twitter user wrote.

“This is a dress that I expect whoever is wearing it to throw a drink in my face and tell me I will never be good enough for him,” another Twitter user joked.

While others have mocked the look, some Twitter users saw a darker side to it, worrying that it could be promoting toxic behavior.

“I know it’s meant to be humorous or something, but there are mothers out there who consistently put out her daughter’s light, remember the toxicity of these women permeates down generations,” a Twitter user highlighted.

Take a look at more responses below.

[via Yahoo, opening image via Etsy]