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Personality tests are a fun way to uncover positive or negative traits of a person. In this test, shown directly below, the first item that catches your eye will reveal the most positive trait about yourself.

Read on to preview what various items from the test might mean below.






If you noticed the book, it means you are smart and blessed with the gift of intuition. People usually approach you for advice and you are able to handle your challenges with ease.

However, since people are not able to make their decisions on their own and usually come to you for advice, this can leave you drained. Always make sure you have a peaceful place to unwind and rest your mind to avoid burning out.




If you saw a rose, it means that love is your biggest positive trait. You appreciate peace, tranquility and tend to see the beauty in everything. You do not participate in unnecessary gossip and do your best to make everyone happy.

Though being kind to everyone is a good trait, be aware that some people might use this for their own gain. Stay away from those who make you uneasy.




If you noticed the lion first, it means you are courageous and possess great self-confidence. You are honest with yourself and accepting of your flaws. Many people, however, might find you reserved as you only allow a handful of people deemed trustworthy into your circle. As such, you tend to travel through life alone.

Smiling Face



You find yourself looking at the lighter side of things if you spotted a happy smile. Your sense of humor never fails but you tend to mask who you really are behind your jokes.

Read more about what the different results could mean over on The Mind’s Journal.

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