These Illusory Hotel Rooms Are Inspired By M.C. Escher Artworks1 min read

The maze-like hotel rooms are part of a series of independently designed and themed rooms. ‘Maze’ and ‘Dream’ are both inspired by M.C. Escher artworks. In particular, they bear striking resemblance to ‘Relativity’, the 1953 Lithograph of multiple illusory staircases that warp perceptions of where each begins and ends. This famous work by Escher is part of a series titled ‘Impossible Constructions’, a concept that is borrowed and brought to life in the design of Studio 10’s guest rooms. Speaking of their intention, the architects explain that they meant to “create a series of mysterious, infinite and impossible spaces with the seamless transformation amongst 2D, 3D, and optical illusion elements”. The ‘Dream’ room features a pale pink and white color palette, with black cabinetry and doors that create the illusion of infinite space; the ‘Maze’ room is the same but in vibrant shades of forest green. The “color palette renders the interior space serene and surreally fresh; far from the chaos of mundane daily life”, continue the architects. Behind these secretive doors is the potential of “a trail leading to a secret forest—or some other unexpected findings [to] surprise you”.