The Handbag Dieter Rams Designed For His Wife In The ’60s Is Now In Production1 min read

The clear design language of the ‘931’ bag is a testament to Rams’ lasting aesthetic; its timeless style would leave many surprised to know that Rams created the bag some 56 years ago. From 1961, Rams worked as chief designer for international product brand, Braun; for whom his wife Ingeborg also worked as a photographer. It was there that Rams participated in leather crafting workshops, and decided to create a one-off design as a surprise for his wife, although the design was never actualized in production. Fast-Forward to the present day, and Tsatsas has introduced a re-edition of the bag’s design to the market, transcending eras and trends. ‘931’ is available in either black or concrete. The leather bag features a minimalist exterior, a top a handle, and detachable shoulder strap.