T-Mobile’s highly-anticipated TV service has been delayed after Un-carrier’s execs decided that the task of having a truly disruptive product ready before the end of the year was too much to achieve in such a short time.

Although T-Mobile is ready to launch its TV service even now, Bloomberg reports that the carrier’s officials had to choose between a “garden-variety streaming platform,” which usually allows consumers to watch cable channels and other content online, or “waiting until next year to deliver a more groundbreaking product.”

The Un-carrier has now moved the launch of the “disruptive TV service” to 2019, although plans could change at any moment. Since T-Mobile acquired Layer3 TV, a company that offers a TV package for $80 per month, the carrier has been talking about a new TV service meant to shake up the industry.

Unfortunately, it looks like T-Mobile needs more time to come up with something close to what CEO John Legere calls “disruptive TV service.” Let’s hope 2019 will be a better year for T-Mobile’s upcoming TV service, although we have no idea what will happen after the Sprint / T-Mobile merger.

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