Student’s Grad Cap Brilliantly Honors School Shooting Victims Gone Too Soon1 min read

Image via Shutterstock

A graduate has created a striking way to shine a light on gun violence in the US.

Gina Warren from Ashville, Ohio personalized her graduation cap by topping it with a huge QR code. Once activated, the person who scanned the code will be directed to a website displaying a list of names of high school students who were killed in mass shootings.

“I graduated. These high school students couldn’t. Protect our nation,” the website reads. The list includes names of the fallen students at STEM School Highlands Ranch and Columbine High School.

Warren told CNN that she was inspired by the orange caps that students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School made after the Parkland shooting. 17 students were killed, and the student activists painted their caps orange to send a message to the lawmakers and the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Warren decided to do something similar to raise awareness about gun violence and honor the victims of these mass shootings at the same time.

[via Mashable, opening image via Shutterstock]