Sterling Bank Rebrands, Hit or Miss?1 min read

For some weeks now a lot of people have wonder why there is a black bag covering some part of the Sterling Bank signage across all their banks. Well the truth is out they were under going a transformation, re-branding you may call it, a new look, a new perspective.

“The logo represents our drive and mission to be Nigeria’s foremost bank, delivering highly impactful and valuable solutions for all our stakeholders,” said Sterling Bank’s CEO, Abubakar Suleiman. “Recently we have launched innovative, market-disrupting products such as Specta -Nigeria’s fastest consumer lending platform, FarePay -Africa’s 1st Contactless Transport Card and I-Invest -World’s 1st Mobile Treasury Bills App among others. The logo reflects how far we have come as a Bank and our plans for the future.”

Chief Marketing Officer of Sterling Bank, Ibidapo Martins said the new logo was imperative because the former logo symbolized a brand going on a journey while the new one is an indication that “we have arrived at the top and are ready to take over the Nigerian banking industry.

“The revolution is in full swing and we have only just begun. This is the time to chart new territories, defy expectations and push forward more than we have ever done in the past.”

Ibidapo Martins

Yea opinions have definitely be coming in. Some say It a remix of GT BANK, others feel the old one is better.