Star Signs Reimagined As Cats Might Finally Have You Mewsing Over Horoscopes1 min read

Images by Gemma Correll and featured with permission

Humans have been in awe of constellations probably for as long as they have been fascinated by cats. Why not have the best of both worlds?

In a series she calls ‘Catstrology’, British cartoonist Gemma Correll has reimagined all 12 zodiac signs as felines in her iconic illustration style. If you haven’t been into horoscopes for awhile, these purrfect drawings might finally change your mind.

Big cat Leo, for instance, is pictured as a kitty with a mane, whereas Libra’s weighing scales have been aptly replaced with two identical bowls of fishies.

The drawings have been accompanied with characteristics often associated with each sign, too.

Check out 10 zodiac signs in the carousel post below, as well as Correll’s renditions of Capricorn and Aquarius beneath. If you’re starstruck by how adorable these are, you can also purchase all 12 buttons of these designs as buttons.

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Pisces through Sagittarius (swipe through)

Capricorn and Aquarius

[Images by Gemma Correll and featured with permission]