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A South Korean artist’s satirical installation of contentious world leaders Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un has received mixed reactions.

This month, an audacious display by 59-year-old artist Lim Young-Sun, which depicted North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and a dead US president Donald Trump, made its appearance at an art exhibition in Seoul.

Lim imagined Kim with a pistol in hand as the North Korean leader looked sternly over at Trump, who was lying dead on the floor. The two, along with an open case of US dollars, were posited on a red carpet, according to AFP.

A neon sign behind the sculpture of Kim read, “The show must go on!”

The installation, according to the artist, parodied how the Trump-Kim summit that took place in Singapore this year seemed to be more like a “movie” pulled by “two of the world’s biggest showmen” than a political milestone.

“I just wanted to show our political reality we live in, in which citizens get nervous, anxious and happy watching their every single move as if they are watching a movie,” Lim described to AFP, adding that the two leaders seemed to “lack” sincerity at the meeting.

As the artwork depicts, the shocking scene came to be after friends Kim and Trump began quarreling over money. Pressured by the high interest rates expected by Trump, Kim decides to shoot the US president.

Thousands of visitors flocked to the exhibition, which ended last Wednesday. While some applauded Lim’s daring artwork for being cathartic, others feared that it could cause further strain between the two nations.

Lim said some visitors “angrily” told him that “artists like you are jeopardizing our ties with the US and national security.” Meanwhile, others “said this piece gave them catharsis.”

[via AFP, images via various sources]

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