‘Snow White’ Has Acne & ‘Ariel’ Is Plus-Size In This ‘Real Princess’ Series1 min read

Image by Marcela Sabiá and featured with permission

A Brazilian illustrator has proven that imperfections are what make you beautiful.

To demonstrate this, Marcela Sabiá imagined Disney princesses with a little twist. She envisioned these picture-perfect princesses to have acne, scars, and more, making them more relatable.

‘Cinderella’ is seen in a wheelchair while ‘Ariel’ from The Little Mermaid is plus-size.

According to Sabiá, many girls look up to these princesses,
which means their influence can be better utilized to highlight body positivity.

For her ‘Real Princess’ series, Sabiá illustrates ‘Snow White’ with acne all over her face, ‘Princess Jasmine’ from Aladdin gets facial hair, ‘Mulan’ has scars, ‘Moana’ is bald and ‘Belle’ from Beauty and the Beast has a larger nose.

Sabiá hopes girls can still feel beautiful, strong and independent despite having what society calls “flaws.”

Check out the series below, and head over to Sabiá’s Instagram to see more of her works.

[Images by Marcela Sabiá and featured with permission]