Simple Sleeping Technique Promises To Make You Snooze In Two Minutes1 min read

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Soldiers appear to swear by this technique that promises to induce sleep in just two minutes.

The sleeping hack, which is revealed in a book titled Relax and Win: Championship Performance, has been a secret of the US army for years. According to JOE, it has a 96-percent success rate, with its effects kicking in after a few weeks of practice.

The technique came about when military leaders noticed how their pilots fell short from making decisions due to stress and lack of sleep. They also found it difficult to unwind after hours, leading to extreme exhaustion and lower adeptness at decision-making.

If you are an insomniac, the book advises you first relax your face, including your tongue, eye muscles and jaw.

Secondly, you will need to drop your shoulders as low as they can go, before relaxing the upper and lower parts of one of your arms, followed by the other arm.

Thirdly, breathe in and out, and then relax your chest before relaxing your legs—first the thighs, followed by the calves.

After 10 seconds of relaxation, you are required to clear your mind.

Lloyd Bud Winter, the author of the book, suggests you also picture either of these three mental images: lying in a canoe with the clear blue sky over your head; snuggling in a comfortable black hammock in a dark room; chanting the phrase, “don’t think,” multiple times for 10 seconds.

Try it and see if it works!

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