‘Selfie Wrist’ Is Becoming A Health Hazard For Social Media Users, Says Doctor1 min read

Image via Shutterstock

If you think one selfie never hurt nobody, think again.

According to CBS New York, a doctor has been witnessing a spike in reports of a condition coined as, “selfie wrist,” so you might want to consider using your phone camera sparingly.

Dr Levi Harrison—a California-based sports health expert with a special interest in hand and wrist trauma—describes “selfie wrist” as an injury resulting from a hyper-flexed wrist that twists inwards in order for a subject to take the perfect picture.

The condition can cause numbness, as well as a tingling sensation in a person’s wrist and fingers, which might also develop into sharp pains.

Earlier this year, reality star Kim Kardashian West announced a hiatus from selfie-snapping due to an ache in the wrist. Her break was short-lived, as she quickly hired an assistant to take charge of this activity.

If you’re beginning to feel the strain, you might want to dial back on the photo-taking. Can’t part with your social media life? Consider getting a selfie stick.

[via CBS New York and News and Tribune, cover image via Shutterstock]