While it would obviously be awesome to see new high-end smartphones like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro released with silky smooth software requiring nothing more than the occasional security patch for months on end, that’s not always possible.

The Mate 20 Pro comes with both 3D facial recognition technology and an in-display fingerprint sensor, which is undoubtedly cool but also a little rough around the edges. Luckily for owners of this Kirin 980 powerhouse, Huawei seems to think software optimizations will help improve the somewhat unpolished biometric hardware.

A fresh software update is rolling out as we speak in unspecified markets, primarily aiming to enhance Face Unlock performance in “certain scenarios” and deliver faster unlock speed for the in-screen fingerprint reader.
That’s definitely great to hear, considering our own in-depth review revealed a number of fingerprint sensor weaknesses. Nothing major, of course, just an inherent sluggishness when compared with “conventional” solutions.
This one includes another batch of photo quality improvements and camera performance optimizations in addition to face unlock and fingerprint unlock refinements, as well as optimized navigation performance, a fix for a specific display issue, and last but not least, Google’s November security patches. No December love yet, unfortunately.

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