Samsung’s Minimalist Space-Saving Monitor Hides Cables, Sits Flat Against Walls1 min read

Samsung has announced its new ‘Space Monitor’ for minimalist lovers who would rather not deal with messy wires.

The gadget has been designed as a versatile, space-saving solution to free up desk space. It can be set flat against the wall and maneuvered to your desire for varied viewing experiences.

Its arm stand, which can be hidden behind the monitor’s slim-bezel, enables you to tilt or extend the monitor from the wall, as well as lower to the surface of the desk. What’s more, power and HDMI cords can be concealed within the arm for tidy cable management.

Samsung’s ‘Space Monitor’ comes in 27-inch (US$399.99) and 32-inch (US$499.990) options that are now selling online.

[via Samsung Newsroom, video via Samsung]