Samsung’s upcoming One UI that will ship with the Galaxy S10 but trickle to its predecessors as well, has rethought the navigation paradigm and display content from the ground up with today’s big screens and the upcoming foldable phone in mind. 

For the first time, Samsung is proudly showcasing the future of its smartphone interfaces in the promo video you see above. As you can see, the actionable content is situated in the bottom half of the usable screen canvas, with fat and juicy icons and switches, while the glanceable or readable one is at the top where your thumb can’t reach anyway, especially on today’s 6″+ phones.

This sounds like the Holy Grail of big-screen touch interfaces and is a totally different approach compared to current one-handed modes that simply shrink the content to manageable heights, making icons microscopic in the process. The menus and submenus have also reduced the dizzying amount of options and choices to the ones you are most likely to actually use, take a peek of the new One UI and tell us if you like what you see.

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