Samsung’s best Galaxy S10 variant is now also tipped to come with a rare ceramic back1 min read

Samsung is ready to bet the farm its slowly weakening smartphone business on next year’s Galaxy S10 (or Galaxy X) lineup and that highly anticipated foldable device, making every effort to set the two ultra-high-end families apart from the competition.

This is far from etched in stone, obviously, but if the website’s inside sources prove accurate, the 6.7-inch GS10 beast with 5G connectivity and a grand total of six cameras would look like no other major high-ender widely available in the Western Hemisphere.

While ceramic-backed smartphones are nothing new, they’re also hardly widespread. The Xiaomi Mi Mix was the company’s first “full ceramic” product, followed by similarly original and decidedly stylish Mi Mix 2 and Mi Mix 2S models.
Bottom line, this is a rarely used material in the smartphone world, despite its almost legendary toughness and scratch resistance. Somehow, Samsung may have found a way to mass-produce both black and white ceramic Galaxy S10 5G versions without major difficulties and high costs. Either that or the company is still figuring things out, in which case we probably shouldn’t get too excited.