Samsung Purportedly Tweaks US$2K Galaxy Fold’s Design After Embarrassing Reviews2 min read

Video screenshot via Samsung

The world might now recognize Samsung as the company with the foldable smartphone, thanks in part to the device being teased since 2013. The only problem? It is not available yet, despite being scheduled for debut on 26 April. This is because gadgets delivered to tech journalists for early reviews failed so hard.

Tech experts discovered that the phone, priced at about US$2,000, would become unusable after they peeled off a plasticky protective layer from its screen. Even with a note warning users not to remove the piece, you could not blame the reviewers for doing so anyway.

The adhesive looked like a regular screen protector often accompanying new gadgets, but it wasn’t—the film was a fundamental feature of Galaxy Fold’s display. Since this smartphone is a wholly new concept, a warning wouldn’t be able to stop everyone from peeling off the sheet.

Samsung thus postponed the phone’s launch to investigate the errors and, perhaps, tweak its design, which it seems to have done so, according to a report by South Korean news agency Yonhap.

Citing industry insiders, the publication says Samsung has ensured that the protective layer cannot be taken off so easily, likely by slipping the sheet beneath the Galaxy Fold’s bezel.

Additionally, it has placed more warnings on the gadget’s packaging so users will know not to remove the piece.

Samsung has also purportedly narrowed the gap between the phone’s two displays in hopes that it won’t trap too many foreign particles, which could harm the screens.

Prior to this, the South Korean tech giant also promised to create a dedicated FAQ page on caring for the model, as well as suggested doubling down on staff training so customers would be better advised on using the Galaxy Fold.

[via SlashGear, cover image via Samsung]