Robert Downey Jr’s BTS ‘Iron Man’ And ‘Spider-Man’ Clip Will Leave You In Tears1 min read

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Robert Downey Jr’s recent Instagram post will leave ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Spider-Man’s’ fans emotional.

Spoilers ahead. Downey shared a behind-the-scenes clip showing the emotional reunion of ‘Tony Stark’ and ‘Peter Parker’ in Avengers: Endgame.

“‘Stark’ and ‘Parker’ reunited, #Spidey senses tell me a few of you were hoping for this moment,” he captioned his post.

The final hour of the film is definitely a rollercoaster of emotions, from the superheroes reuniting, to the action-packed fights and heartbreaking scenes. The epic battle at the end sees ‘Tony Stark’ hugging ‘Peter Parker’ when ‘Parker’ is brought back to life.

Unfortunately, ‘Stark’ sacrifices himself in the end after going up against the ‘Mad Titan’, and is given a funeral by the rest of the superheroes.

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