Rihanna’s French Lookalike Has Fans Asking Her For The Next Album2 min read

Image via JStone / Shutterstock.com

The next time you’re in France and cross paths with a woman who you think is Rihanna, you’ll want to do a double take, because it seems that Riri isn’t the Only Girl who looks like herself.

Social media users are turning their attention to 23-year-old Yna Sertalf from France, who they deem to be the spitting image of Rihanna.

Sertalf tells BuzzFeed News that her resemblance with the pop star has been pointed out to her since she was “15 or 16,” although she can’t completely relate to the people who note the similarities.

Looking like Rihanna does have its perks, of course. The woman says it’s “easier” for her to get into clubs or to be offered drinks, but as a reserved person, she doesn’t voluntarily leverage her looks.

It also has its downsides, though. Sertalf tells BuzzFeed News that while she’s used to having strangers ask to take pictures with her, her personal life “can be a bit complicated,” as she never knows if people get close to her because of her personality or because they feel she looks like the Barbadian singer.

“When I talk to a guy, it’s often, ‘You look like Rihanna,’ and he’s happy to show me off to his friends, and I often wonder if we can move beyond the looks,” Sertalf admits.

On the whole, however, she finds it all “pretty funny.”

On Twitter, Rihanna’s fans have been quick to note Sertalf’s resemblance with the star. “She looks like Rihanna more than Rihanna looks like herself,” says Twitter user Ahmed Allam.

“Where is the album?” asks user ‘salmugh’.

“If you have time to take selfies, you have time to drop the album,” chimes in ‘Andersonkendal7’.

Check out Sertalf’s photos below. Funnily enough, she isn’t the only one who has been likened to Rihanna. Last year, an Indian woman started receiving modeling gigs after members of the press said she looked like the star.

[via BuzzFeed News, images via various sources]