Ridiculous ‘Goth Crocs’ Are Here Because ‘Punk Croc’ Never Dies1 min read

Image via Etsy

It is unlikely that anyone would ever associate Crocs with goth or anything rebellious for that matter. Now, thanks to makeover by Instagram user @garbage_b0y, who also claims to be a “viral foot model,” they are now available online and are taking over Twitter by storm.

The shoes, like their original counterparts, do not come cheap. A pair of spiked ‘Goth Crocs’ costs £190.60 (US$249.58) without the ankle chain, and a swooping £206.48 (US$270.43) with the chain.

In spite of the heavy price, Twitter users are voicing their support for the unique item.

Amid the big hoo-ha, one particularly innovative Twitter user even tweeted the ingenious wordplay “punk Crocs not dead.”

It may well be the new dawn for Crocs, as they have proven to have a badass side, after all. You can purchase them here.

[via Metro UK, image via various sources]