Rapper Cardi B’s Sneakers Are So Bizarre It Looked Like Her ‘Shoes Got Shoes’1 min read

Rapper Cardi B is rocking interesting shoes in her latest Instagram post.

She shared an image of herself wearing a pair of kicks designed by Dsquared2 and paired her shoes with an orange jacket and skirt. At first glance, her sneakers appear to be a normal pair of chunky sneakers but if you examine closer, the back of the shoes seem to have a wedge.

Her fans are pretty confused with her set of bizarre shoes. One Instagram user wrote, “Am I really seeing shoes stacked on shoes, or am I just high?” while another one of her fans commented, “I’m so rich my shoes got shoes.”

Take a look at the polarizing shoes below.

[via iamcardib, opening image via iamcardib]