Pro-Trump Singer Wears Controversial ‘BUILD THE WALL’ Dress To 2019 Grammys1 min read

Joy Villa at the 61st Grammy Awards. Image via Kathy Hutchins /

Singer Joy Villa turned up at the 2019 Grammy Awards wearing a pro-Trump political outfit.

Villa attended the event in a low-cut dress emblazoned with images of bricks on its back and the words, “BUILD THE WALL.” She paired her political dress with a barbed wire accessory on her shoulders as well as a ‘Make America Great Again’ handbag. Villa told Variety that she believes in the president and her latest album Home Sweet Home is all about spreading her love for America.

Villa posted her controversial outfit on Instagram with the caption, “‘Shut up!’ They said. ‘Stop talking politics!’ They yelled. ‘Sit down you don’t matter!’ They insisted. I don’t listen to haters. I listen to truth. Building the wall will cut down crime, protect children from being trafficked and stop the 1 in 3 women from being sexually assaulted tying [sic] to get through illegally. It’s a humanitarian crisis. I support life. I support protection. I SUPPORT THE WALK!”

Villa, who is known for wearing controversial outfits, donned a ‘MAGA’-themed dresses back in 2017 and 2018.

[via Cosmopolitan, opening image via Kathy Hutchins /]