At the end of every year, Pornhub presents its year in review. Sticking to the data related to mobile devices, we find that over 80% of global visitors to the website came from mobile devices this year. Smartphones accounted for 71.6% of traffic, while 8.7% of visitors viewed the site from a tablet. That is an 8% gain in smartphone viewers for the year, and an 8% decline in tablet users. Desktop visits declined 18%.

When it comes to Pornhub, it appears that Android users have a greater desire to visit the site than those with an iOS device. Android powered gadgets made up 54.4% of worldwide visitors this year, compared to the 44.4% that used an iPhone or iPad. There was a 2% gain in Android wielding visitors, and a 2% decline in those visiting Pornhub from an iOS flavored device. But since Android users are more apt to use different mobile browsers, Chrome barely edged out Safari as the most used mobile browser on the site by 41.1% to 40.1%. For Chrome. that was a 1% gain on the year compared to the 2% decline in Safari users.

Some events caused traffic on Pornhub to rise, while other events caused huge drops in the number of visitors. Interestingly enough, Apple’s Gather Round event held on September 12th, during which the 2018 iPhone models were introduced, resulted in an 11% global decline in Pornhub viewers using an iOS device.

Check out some graphs produced by Pornhub in the slideshow below.

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