Polaroid x ‘Mickey Mouse’ Roll Out Adorable, Vintage-Style Camera1 min read

You might have noticed numerous 2018 ‘Mickey Mouse’-themed collections being rolled out by brands this year. In case you haven’t heard, they are in celebration of 90 years of the Disney mascot, which first appeared on 15 May 1928.

In addition to Swatch’s reimagination of the iconic character and Vans’ collaboration with four artists for its tribute collection, Polaroid has unveiled its own honorary product for ‘King Mickey’.

The ‘Polaroid 600 Camera – Disney Mickey Mouse Cam (US$200) is a limited edition, refurbished model dressed in the character’s signature red, yellow, and white colors.

It’s been customized with signature, animation-inspired ‘Mickey Mouse’ details on the flashbar and face plate. Other specs include fixed focus lens, automatic flash with override, and lighten or darken slider.

Color films for the camera are also being sold through Polaroid’s website at US$20 for one pack that allows you to capture eight instant photos and US$58 for the triple pack.

You can opt to be notified when the ‘Polaroid 600 Camera – Disney Mickey Mouse Cam’ drops through Polaroid’s website. See more photos of the camera and color film samples inside Polaroid’s Instagram albums below.

[via Polaroid]