All images courtesy of POCKO and the artists. Image credit: © Martin Holtkamp

To celebrate the opening of its new Japan studio, POCKO is hosting an exhibition that brings together the work of Japanese illustrator, Nomoco with German-born photographer, Martin Holtkamp.

As the steely, proportioned imagery of Holtkamp’s work meets the playful abstraction of Nomoco’s paintings, Nowhere at the Park Hotel Tokyo sees two styles meet with equal force, both fragile and eternal. Their collaborative pieces complement each other, giving new life to their craft and cultural influences.

Central Saint Martins-trained Japanese artist Nomoco enjoys experimenting with various materials and craft-work and especially plays with ink on paper and its organic movement. For the past few years, printmaking, such as silkscreen and lithography mixed with ink drawings, has been explored in her personal works.

© Martin Holtkamp

© Martin Holtkamp

© Nomoco

© Nomoco

Martin Holtkamp, meanwhile, is a photographer who works on editorial assignments and advertising campaigns for global brands such as Nike, Dior and Google. German-born, he’s a Bournemouth & Poole Art College graduate who moved to London in 1993 and established himself as a freelance photographer for the music and fashion industry.

“In a moment of seasonal change there is a beginning and an end, depending which side we look at things. Spring brings new life and a sense of renewal as well as a reminder of how life is fleeting,” explains Hannah Shilland of POCKO.

“The title of the show, in the same way, has a double meaning depending on how you read it: Now Here or Nowhere. This contraposition is not only seasonal and philosophical but can also be seen in the work of the two artists on display and in the dialogue between them.”

© Martin Holtkamp

© Martin Holtkamp

© Nomoco

© Nomoco

For the past 20 years, POCKO has established itself as an agency that creates content for brands in collaboration with world-renowned visual artists. This spring, it’s expanding to Japan, opening a new branch led by RCA graduates, Nicola Schwartz and Ichiro Kono.

The Nowhere show at Park Hotel Tokyo celebrates the launch of its artistic venture into the Asian art scene and is part of POCKO PARK: a series of exhibitions that play on the themes of seasonal change and chance encounters. Discover more:

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