Lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret has been plagued with controversies, after one of its leaders Ed Razek mentioned he did not cast plus-size or trans models on the runway as the fashion show “is a fantasy.”

Now, Navabi, which calls itself as “the global leader in plus-size fashion”, has hit back with its own inclusive version of VS’s signature annual show, featuring plus-size women, to combat “ridiculously outdated attitude.”

Before Victoria’s Secret’s 2018 annual event was taped, Razek told Vogue that he wanted to do a “television special” featuring plus-size models but he claimed “no one had any interest in it.”

This quote triggered Navabi to include it in its campaign video, followed by the line, “our models thought your attitude to body diversity was so out of touch it felt like a spoof. So… they decided to make fun of you a little.”

The campaign shows five models decked in underwear and angel wings, asking “Hey Victoria, what’s your secret? The secret is that you don’t care about most women.”

The campaign garnered positive reactions by social media users, who are sick of the lack of diversity in the fashion industry with one Twitter user writing, “This was way more interesting than the VS show.”

[via Cosmopolitan, opening image via Navabi]

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