Plus-Size Model Reveals She Has To Pad Her Clothes To Appear Bigger In Shoots2 min read

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A UK size 16 (US size 14) model has come forward to reveal hidden body pressures often faced by plus-size models.

Sonny Turner—who has walked for brands such as ASOS and Primark—said that while the term “plus-size” has been gaining traction in the fashion realm, there are still restraints on how plus-size models should look.

Turner told The Telegraph that within the plus-size industry, models have to conform to look a certain way. As it stands, fashion brands still seem to have a preference for hourglass-shaped figures.

She added that despite modeling for larger sizes, a stigma ironically persists that bigger bodies are “unhealthy.” She pointed out that “you can be fat, but not too fat,” so eating healthy and exercising regularly is still imperative, contradicting claims that it does not take a lot of effort to succeed in this industry.

Turner also revealed the challenges she faced at the start of the career. Turner debuted at UK size 12 (US size 10), which was too large for the mainstream but not large enough to qualify as plus-size.

What might surprise some is that she sometimes has to wear special paddings to appear bigger for plus-size brands, she divulged to Independent. Now at size 16, she reflected that she would not have booked as many jobs had she maintained her original size.

In a recent post, Turner—who is a vocal advocate for body positivity—shared an image of herself in her undies, urging girls not to “shrink themselves.”

“Don’t be insecure if you’re the fattest in the room or the biggest in your friendship group. Don’t feel as though he’d fancy you more if you were smaller. Don’t be afraid to accept and show your podgy stomachs or big thighs or stretch marks,” she wrote.

“We will not allow them to starve us, control us, distract us from what’s really important, or destroy our self-esteem anymore.”

Thankfully, the fashion industry has taken triumphant leaps, and there will always be a modeling job for girls no matter their shape or size.

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