Playboy Magazine Casts Ezra Miller As ‘Gender-Fluid Bunny’ In Tights, Heels2 min read

The star of Fantastic Beasts franchise Ezra Miller is sizzling up screens beyond the cinema.

Miller stars in this recent photoshoot for Playboy that’s a leap from the magazine’s typical cast of women. Miller, who also appears on the magazine’s December edition, dons a variety of interesting gender-fluid ensembles for the fashion spread.

The styling challenges typical men’s fashion. One image sees him in a floral blouse, black briefs and a blazer, accessorized with options such as fishnets, heels, and bunny ears.

Another outfit shows him in a sheer white lace dress, while the final getup has him in a white jumpsuit, undone bow-tie and heels.

“They say excitement and nervousness are the same part of the brain triggering, but I think it’s going to be good, so let excitement override,” Miller said in a video showing behind-the-scenes of the shoot.

In the accompanying interview, Miller explained more about his sexuality and how he has been heartbroken during his earlier days of monogamous relationships. Now, Miller has taken a more open approach when it comes to dating, and is trying to find “queer beings” who understand him.

The photos were met with much excitement from fans after they appeared online. One Twitter user wrote, “How blessed are we all to exist at the same time as all of these pictures of Ezra Miller,” while another commented, “He really is a beautiful human being, and good for you Playboy.”

[via Pedestrian, opening image via Playboy]