Pixar Releases Full ‘Toy Story 4’ Trailer & It Will Tug At Your Heartstrings1 min read

Pixar has released its first full-length trailer for Toy Story 4, allowing fans to reconnect with their favorite childhood characters.

‘Woody’, ‘Buzz Lightyear’, ‘Rex’, ‘Hamm the Piggy Bank’ have come together for another action-packed adventure with their new companion, ‘Forky’ the spork.

‘Forky’—voiced by Tony Hale—isn’t so keen on being part of the group ,as according to the character, “I am not a toy. I was made for soup salad, maybe chilli, and then the trash!”

Director Josh Cooley told Entertainment Weekly that Toy Story illustrates that everything in the world has a purpose. A standard toy is created for a child to play with, for instance, but what about a makeshift one sculpted from other objects?

This is the crisis that ‘Forky’ faces, as he is a disposable spork repurposed by ‘Bonnie’ into a toy. While he has always identified as a spork, he is now bestowed a new purpose in line with a toy’s.

The trailer sees ‘Woody’ chasing after ‘Forky’. Together, they go on a wild adventure that ends up being an eye-opening experience for ‘Woody’. Toy Story 4 is set to hit theaters 21 June.

[via CNN, opening image via Disney Pixar]