Paris Hilton Draws Ire For Singing Praise About Paying With Exposure2 min read

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Social media stars have been getting a lot of flak lately, no thanks to some of them who were found to have offered “publicity” in exchange for luxuries; this act is so rampant that it’s become a stereotype.

What’s surprising, though, is how even OG influencer Paris Hilton seems to be supportive of “payments” comprising exposure bucks.

A recent interview that the socialite—great-granddaughter to Hilton Hotels founder Conrad Hilton—had with The Jenny McCarthy Show on radio network SiriusXM was picked up by BuzzFeed before being circulated by users in the ‘ChoosingBeggars’ subreddit.

Internet users were appalled by Hilton’s blatant declaration of social media as “a new form of money.”

For context, Hilton recently broke off her engagement with actor Chris Zylka, who had proposed to her with an extravagant US$2 million ring. He apparently wants the piece of jewelry back, even though he didn’t pay for it.

When asked if she would return the engagement ring, Hilton replied, “The person who we got it from got millions and millions of dollars of free publicity.”

“I love how social media has basically become a new form of money,” she added. “It’s pretty sick.”

Hilton’s words struck a chord with social media users who were evidently no strangers to being asked for free stuff.

“I hear the inflation rate for exposure is crazy high,” said Redditor ‘Saisabro’, who was amused by her claim that the US$2 million engagement ring had received more than enough compensation with her “millions and millions of dollars” worth of exposure bucks.

Others chided Hilton for referring to the sponsor as “the person,” despite advocating publicity as a currency.

You can watch a snippet of the interview below. Perhaps influencers hoping for a free vacation could try approaching the Hilton Hotels franchise, which might be more receptive of the value of exposure.

Even Jewelers work for exposure now! from r/ChoosingBeggars

According to the Hilton’s: exposure is in fact a new form of currency. from r/ChoosingBeggars






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