Pan Treetop Cabins · Gjesåsen, Norway1 min read

Finnskogen, or ‘forest of the Finns’ as it translates from Norwegian to mean, is a land celebrated for its mystic history and its vast and unparalleled ecology; filled with wild elk, venison, capercaillie, wolves, bears, and lynx. Here, Espen Surnevik has designed the eco-minded black metal cabins, drawing inspiration from Moomin and the surrounding environment. Intended to settle into the landscape without impacting it negatively, the A-frame structures sit above ground. “You should be able to remove the cabins and not be able to see any trace of human activity”, Kristian Rostad and Christine Mowinckel, the owners of the property explain. Both cabins are accessed via a winding staircase encased in a wire cylinder, and can house up to six people.

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