Origami Enthusiast’s Elaborate Creations Are So Amazing, They’ll Blow You Away7 min read

Images by Cristian Marianciuc and featured with permission

It’s said that practice makes perfect. Just see how far origami enthusiast Cristian Marianciuc has come since challenging himself to make origami cranes daily for one whole year.

Even though Marianciuc no longer folds these lovely paper cranes every day, the artist continues to explore different themes and techniques through this craft.

Some of his latest creations bear hints of Greek mythology and Japanese folklore, which he credits as inspiration behind the intricate pieces.

For more origami inspiration, follow Marianciuc on Instagram @icarus.mid.air.

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“Azrael” crane Song of the day: Be still, my tongue (slow meadow rework) by Snorri Hallgrímsson @snorri_hallgrimsson @slowmeadow Here is the first crane, of hopefully many, that I’ve created as a tribute to an artist I really look up to – this time it is Peter Mohrbacher @petemohrbacher. His ‘Angelarium” series is breathtaking. Just beautiful. So, I took inspiration from his piece ‘Azrael’ and I came up with this crane. I loved working on it, each feather of each wing was a thrill to bring to life. And I am very happy with the final result. By now you must know about my obsession with wings and feathers and angels, so this was a real joy to work on. I’m happy I brought out my watercolours again. It has been a long while since I used them. I had forgotten how much I love painting, hehe. It is raining here today, and all the snow has turned into mud. There is mud everywhere. Today will be a day of herbal teas and films in my room, haha. What are some artists you really look up to and love? Artists whose work speaks to you on a profound level? I would love to know. Until the next crane, have a wonderful weekend! #origami #paperart #angelarium #azrael #angel #wings #feathers #petermohrbacher #watercolor #watercolour #scary #dark #icarusmidair #cristianmarianciuc

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“Olympus III” Song of the day: Death in reverse by John Mark McMillan @johnmarkmcmillan Posting this last photo from the series feels quite melancholic. But it’s almost like some sort of closure. And if there is something that I lack in my life is a healthy amount of closure, haha! I started tidying up my room today, but I gave up half-way through. So now I have a pile of stuff in the middle of the room, waiting to be relocated/put back/thrown away. It’s terribly cold outside, and I just came back from a walk. My moustache and beard turned white and my ears are still defrosting. I should probably go downstairs and fix myself a hot cup of mint tea with lemon and honey. Off I go! I hope everyone is having a peaceful weekend! x #origami #icarusmidair #mythology #olympus #white #wings #wings #paperart #papercut #craft #diy #paper #feathers #feather #delicate #miniature

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“Hades” crane Song of the day: Hyperballad by Björk @bjork Looking at today’s finished crane, I get a deep sense of sadness mixed with gratitude. It’s one of those situations when I feel that it’s not me who’s created this bird. A very strange feeling! I wanted to give Hades a serene personality, I wanted him to inspire awe. With him being the Greek god of the underworld and the dead, I wanted to play on contrasts. On a completely unrelated topic (well, not completely unrelated), I’ve been watching lots of pregnancy announcement videos on YouTube. Yes, I know it’s strange. I know! But don’t you also sometimes go from video to video and end up in a – let’s call it “unexpected place” on there? Don’t you give me that disapproving look! Anyway, it’s so touching to see people’s reactions. Especially those of dads-to-be. To see the look on their faces and the avalanche of emotions, the overwhelming hit of joy, it’s really heartwarming. Life is so precious! I suppose that the fact I’m one of 11 kids myself and that I have 15 nephews and nieces already might explain a few things, haha! Back to birds and paper and mythology! I have one more mythology-themed bird coming up, for now. And next week, most of the birds will go to my Etsy shop. I say most of them because some of you lovely people already called dibs on a couple of them, hehe. Thanks so much for that! Okay, I’m done now. This was weird, right? No? Okay! Great! #origami #icarusmidair #mythology #hades #white #blackandwhite #wings #wings #paperart #papercut #craft #diy #paper #feathers #feather #owl #falcon #hawk #eagle #delicate #miniature

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“birds of different feathers“ crane Song of the day: When the party’s over by Billie Eilish @wherearetheavocados #WHPDressUp Behold the mighty Grus Japonensis dressed up as a colorful macaw. I love giving my cranes new personalities and identities, especially when using inspiration from other birds. Lately, I’ve accumulated quite the collection with photos of birds and their plumage here, on @Instagram. Each one of them is a wonderful creation! And I find endless inspiration in them. Early next week, this crane along with a few others (and a couple of papercut pieces) will land in my Etsy shop. (link in my profile) Until then, have a wonderful weekend! X #origami #icarusmidair #macaw #bird #wings #feathers #crane #paperart #paper #wing #feather #miniature #delicate

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“Prometheus” crane Song of the day: Flickering by Danny Barwick @dannybarwickmusic I worked on this crane over almost an entire week. I took my time, I hesitated to start, I got too excited and then I landed back on solid ground. I got emotional about it. And that’s how I knew this particular bird would have a lasting impact on me. Initially, I created seven pairs of minuscule wings, smaller than I had ever attempted. “Unplucking” each feather became like a meditation. But seven pairs of wings were not enough: so I went ahead and created nine more, nine even smaller pairs of wings. I started a fire within me with the help of 32 paper wings. A cherub poured in gold. #origami #icarusmidair #paperart #wings #wing #feathers #gold #miniature #cherub #angel #prometheus #icarus

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“mid-air” crane Song of the day: Them is us by Rival Consoles @rivalconsoles Last night I went to sleep listening to the most restless winds I’ve experienced in a long time. It’s still grey and windy today, but I’ll grab the coat I bequeathed from grandpa and go out for a walk. I have a piece of paper with some ideas jotted on it for a handful of intricate cranes that I hope to sink my teeth in for the remainder of the week. They will then be available for purchase in my Etsy shop (link in my profile). Today’s crane kept me company pretty much all day yesterday. I attached the last minuscule feathers right before jumping in bed. I hope to have infused some of the wild weather in its wings. I shall be off now: dear late October, send some more inspiration my way, won’t you? #origami #icarusmidair #paperart #feathers #papercutting #wings #blue #bird #crane #delicate #intricate

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[via Bored Panda, all images by Cristian Marianciuc and featured with permission]