Obamas, Trumps & Clintons Showed Up At George H.W. Bush Funeral & It Was Awkward

George H.W. Bush’s funeral was held on Wednesday morning and it brought together US’ most exclusive club together—every living US president.

Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter were among the attendees at the funeral, and they sat together with their wives in the front row of Washington National Cathedral while George W. Bush sat across the aisle.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump also came to the service too. Bill Clinton was seen chatting with Michelle Obama and Chelsea Clinton was having a private discussion with Ivanka Trump. Though they were chatting among themselves, tensions from the previous presidential race were evident.

Upon arrival, Melania greeted Obamas and Bill Clinton with a handshake. Hillary Clinton nodded at Melania, but did not acknowledge the president himself. The Trumps also shook hands with the Obamas, trying to be as cordial as possible.

The tension between them could definitely be seen on live television and naturally, Twitter users have a lot to say. Take a look at the responses below.

[via HuffPost, opening image via MSNBC]

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