Entertainment Weekly has unveiled exclusive images for the live-action remake of Aladdin and with it, comes comments on Will Smith’s ‘Genie’ character that ranges from his blue-ness to his hair.

The photo gracing the cover of the EW magazine shows Mena Massoud as ‘Aladdin’, Naomi Watts as ‘Jasmine’ and Smith as ‘Genie’. While some fans seem weirded out by Smith’s ‘Genie’ hairdo, others took issue with the fact that Smith isn’t blue like his original animated character, which was voiced by the late Robin Williams.

One Twitter user wrote, “I’ve got some serious issues with his live-action remake of Aladdin, starting with the fact that Will Smith isn’t blue.” The internet user proceeded to share images of Jennifer Lawrence as ‘Mystique’ from the X-Men, as well as Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington’s characters from Avatar, adding that it’s not impossible to make people blue in films.

The criticism was so overwhelming that Smith responded on Instagram with the words, “(and yes, I’m gonna be blue). This is how the ‘Genie’ is in Human/Disguise Form. My character will be CGI most of the movie.”

Smith’s hairstyle also garnered many comments on Twitter. Senior editor for The Daily Beast Marlow Stern compared his ponytail with Mortal Kombat’s ‘Goro’, while another Twitter user thought the do was really inspired by pop star Ariana Grande.

Another character from the live-action film who has garnered much interest from internet users is villain ‘Jafar’, played by actor Marwan Kenzari.

In a promotional image, Kenzari dons a turban and cape for his role that has left many swooning over the actor’s dashing good looks. “Hot ‘Jafar’, we WILL be rooting for evil,” one Twitter user commented.

Another Twitter user wrote, “So you mean to tell me that in this movie, ‘Jasmine’ is supposed to want to WILLINGLY choose ‘Aladdin’, (a broke liar) over a rich ‘Jafar’ looking like THIS?!”

See the critiques and hilarious comments for the live-action Aladdin, which will hit theaters on 24 May 2019, below.

[via Entertainment Weekly, opening image via Entertainment Weekly]

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